Application Professional Professional Limited
# Features RFM4000X RFM4000 VC3000RFM
1 Profile Software X X X
2 USB interface X X X
3 Sample Rate 100HZ X X X
4 Selectable self Leveling X X  
5 In Vehicle Send friction Report to Web Server Auto Semi-Auto  
6 Automatic Report Saving to PDF File X X  
7 Archives up to 700 Reports X X  
8 Data Saved to SD Flash Memory Card X X  
9 Single Vacuum Cup Mounting System X X  
10 Dual Vacuum Cup Mounting System X X X 
11 Dash Mounting System X X  
12 Sensor Inputs 2 Temp   2 Analog
13 Angular Rate Gyro X    
14 Auto Pitch Compensation X    
15 Digital Compass X    
16 SD Card X X  
17 Bluetooth Wireless Data Upload to PC X    
18 10 HZ GPS Mapping X    
19 Analog output X X X
20 Long Range Wireless Transmission Available Printer /Computer Auto to Website
Manual to website Printer Only
21 Firmware Updated from Internet X X  
22 Menu Select Software X X  
23 Streaming Data X X  
24 RS232 port 3 1 1
25 Accelerometer 3 Axis
3 Axis
2 Axis
26 Delete single runs X X  
27 Battery charge display X X