VC4000 Brake Meter Transportation Package



P/N 620430-TRA


  • VC4000 Brake Meter
  • Micro Thermal Printer
  • 5 Rolls of Thermal Paper

Product Description

Over 25 years of research and development have gone into the design of the Vericom VC4000 Brake Meter making it the most innovative instrument for measuring vehicle braking performance in its price range. Vericom’s reputation for excellence is truly displayed within the workings for the VC4000 Brake Meter. Vericom is known world-wide for its accuracy in calculating vehicle speed and distance from acceleration and time.  Used by accident reconstructionist and transportation authorities all over the world.


Technical Details

The Accelerometer is a tri axis (X, Y, & Z). Resolution is 16 bits.

Mounting is now even easier. Utilizing the RAM mount, only one suction cup is needed. Digital leveling (self leveling) is done automatically. A variety of mounting brackets are now available including a handlebar mount for motorcycles and bicycles.

One Analog output port is available to connect to another data acquisition system.

Firmware (the software that runs the Vericom) is a menu select format and all upgrades can be made from the internet using the USB port.

Simple calibration check procedures are displayed on the screen with step by step instructions.

Product Comparison Table

  Application Professional Professional Limited
# Features VC4000DAQ VC4000PC VC4000 Brake Meter
1 Profile Professional Software X X  
2 USB interface X X  
3 3 axis 2G & 6G accelerometer X X 2 G only
4 Variable sample rate
1 to 1000 Hz
X X  
5 Single suction cup mount X X X
6 Dual suction cup mount X X X
7 Self leveling X X X
8 2 axis Angular rate gyro X    
9 Auto Pitch Compensation X    
10 Streaming data X X  
11 10Hz Internal GPS X    
12 5Hz GPS compatible   X  
13 Mapping X X  
14 CAN interface X    
15 Digital Compass X    
16 SD Card X X  
17 Bluetooth X X  
18 Analog sensor inputs 12    
19 Analog output X X X
20 Tachometer inputs 4    
21 Digital input 2    
22 Menu Select Software X X X
23 Hi/low speed crash mode Hi/low low  
24 RS232 port 3 1 1
25 Internet updatable firmware X X X
26 Delete single runs X X X
27 Battery charge display X X X

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