Profile 5 Software


Product Description

Profile 5 is designed specifically for the VC4000 class of advanced motion performance instruments. Profile 5 automatically recognizes which VC4000 is connected and displays the unit specific details accordingly. Use Profile 5 to analyze data, create graphs, tables, and reports. Profile 5 can be used to analyze brake tests and acceleration tests.  It has several reports and graph modes to display the test information. Profile 5 must be used to import data from the VC4000. Once the data is read into Profile 5, it can be viewed or exported to other applications.

Profile 5 software comes with every VC4000DAQ, VC4000PC, VC4000MSI, VC4000RG, and RFM4000 packages.

Technical Details

  • Organize and analyze data
  • Create Preformatted Drag Factor Reports
  • Create Crash Test Reports
  • Create Transit Brake Reports
  • Create Runway Friction Reports
  • View the Average of Many Test in one Report
  • Save Data Files to any Folder
  • Wirelessly save runway friction reports to a website using only RFM4000 keypad
  • Evaluate Numerous Formulas - Common Physics Calculations
  • Graph any Combination of X and Y Axis
  • Map the GPS Coordinates of the Test using Internet Mapping Tools
  • Create Presentation Quality Prints
  • Export Data, Images of Graphs, and Reports to Other Applications
  • Correct Horsepower and Torque to sea level standards
  • Move a vertical line cursor along a graph to read instantaneous coordinates
  • Graph any Segment of a Curve
  • Compare Data from Multiple Tests on one Graph
  • Save and reopen a table of runs
  • Play Back the Test Runs with Real-Time Analog Meters
  • Use Data Streaming to Import Several Hours of Data in Real Time to the Connected PC

System Requirements:

  • 3GB hard drive space
  • 512MB RAM
  • 1.0GHz or faster processor

Profile 5

$525.00 (Additional 1 License)

P/N 1501-1

$2,275.00 (Additional 5 Licenses)

P/N 1501-5