Profile 5 Software


Product Description

Profile 5 is designed specifically for the VC4000PC, VC4000DAQ and RFM4000. Profile 5 automatically recognizes which VC4000 is connected and changes some dialog boxes and tabs accordingly. Use Profile 5 to display graphs and tables used in courtroom presentations, Runway friction reporting and for any analytical purposes. Profile 5 can be used to analyze brake tests and acceleration tests.  It has several reports and graph modes to display the test information. Profile 5 must be used to import data from the VC4000 because the data is compressed. Once the data is read into Profile 5, it can be viewed or exported to other applications.

Profile 5 software comes with every VC4000DAQ, VC4000PC and RFM4000 package.

Technical Details

  • Organize and analyze data
  • Create Drag Factor Reports
  • Create Crash test reports
  • Create Transit brake reports
  • Create Runway Friction reports
  • View the average of many runs in one report
  • Save data to disk
  • Wirelessly save runway friction reports to a website using only RFM4000 keypad
  • Evaluate numerous formulas
  • Graph any combination of X and 8 Y axes
  • Map the GPS coordinates of the test using internet mapping tools
  • Make presentation quality Prints
  • Retrieve data from disk
  • Export data and reports to other applications
  • Compensate for Horsepower losses due to wind resistance, frictional drag and aerodynamic drag
  • Correct Horsepower and Torque to sea level standards
  • Move a vertical line cursor along a graph to read instantaneous coordinates
  • Graph any segment of a curve
  • Compare data
  • Display the results of many runs in one window
  • Save and reopen a table of runs
  • Play back the run with real time analog meters
  • Import several hours of data in real time using Data Streaming

System Requirements:

  • 3GB hard drive space
  • 512MB RAM
  • 1.0GHz or faster processor

Profile 5

$525.00 (Additional 1 License)

P/N 1505-1

$2,275.00 (Additional 5 Licenses)

P/N 1505-5