Perception / Reaction Time Switch (4-light)


P/N 117321


  • Perception Reaction Time Switch Only
  • Windshield Mounting Assembly
  • VC4000 sold separately

Product Description

This switch can be added to any VC4000 to create a complete in-vehicle perception/reaction timer.  When a button on the hand-held box is pushed, it lights one or more of the LED's mounted in front of the driver.  When any LED lights up it starts the reaction timer in the VC4000.  The VC4000 will display the drivers reaction time to the light and the distance traveled during the reaction time, as well as the normal braking information after the car comes to a complete stop.

The VC4000 with perception reaction time switch will measure drivers’ reaction time, vehicle speed, vehicle stopping distance and G-force. The combination of 4 lights and 4 different responses requires the driver to make a decision before reacting therefore both perception and reaction time can be measured.  It will work at any speed from 1 mph and up.

Technical Details

Light indicator and response key

  • Single red light is a command to soft braking.
  • Both red lights are a command to hard braking.
  • Left amber light is a command to make a hard left turn with no braking.
  • Right amber light is a command to make a hard right turn with no braking.