Response: Perception-Reaction-Time Solution

Test Result Rain Ball


P/N 117325C

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  • Desktop Mounted Steering Wheel
  • Pedal Base with Accelerator and Brake Pedals
  • Vericom Response Software

Product Description

Stand alone software that measures a drivers perception and reaction time using visual stimulus with simulated driving conditions on a computer screen.

Technical Details

  • Works on any Windows based PC (Windows 7 or higher is recommended).
  • Wheel/Pedal hardware mounts to standard office desk or table.
  • Print preformatted reports.
  • Displays the perception/reaction time on the screen after each test.
  • Displays the time from an on screen stimulus to the drivers foot coming off the accelerator.
  • Displays the time from drivers foot coming off the accelerator to depressing the brake pedal.
  • Displays the time from an on screen stimulus to the drivers foot depressing the brake pedal.
  • Calculates the distance traveled during the tested reaction time.
  • Stores data to the computer disk for future reference.
  • Test with no video if desired.


Response Software ONLY


P/N 117330

Response Wheel and Pedals


P/N 107663