V-Sense RG
Road Geometry / Curve Audit System
1-Pass Road Audit




P/N 530850-RG





  • Tablet with V-Sense Director App (used as interface to the V-Sense test module)
  • Profile X1 Analysis Software
  • Bluetooth Wireless User Interface : Operate V-Sense from +200 Ft (+60m)
  • Internal 10Hz Precision GPS
  • Exclusive Road Geometry, Electronic Inclinometer, and Superelevation Firmware
  • Heavy Duty Mounting System - Portable
  • Power Supply (120/240V)
  • 12V Automobile Charger
  • Hard Shell Carrying Case

Product Description

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) completed a study regarding Roadway Departure Safety. The study found that more than 50% of all fatalities occurred due to roadway departure. In 2009 the FHWA released the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) in an effort to improve roadway safety and generally efficiency of traffic. In support of the safer roads initiative and the MUTCD, the Vericom V-Sense RG – Road Geometry Meter – allows you to monitor sign posting locations, lateral G limits, Superelevation, curve radius, vehicle yaw, GPS, side friction, road roughness, and more. With the Vericom V-Sense RG, you can now conduct road testing and road audits in 1-pass with 1-person.  With the Profile X1 analysis software, analysis of speed vs road geometry provides the tools a road engineer needs to reduce traffic congestion, improve road safety, and conform to MUTCD guidelines.


Technical Details

  • Built in 10Hz GPS, 3-axis accelerometer, and 3-axis gyro.  
  • Tri axis 2G to 16G accelerometers with configurable sample rate up to 1000Hz
  • A sensor combination that delivers an electronic inclinometer.
  • Use the event marker to identify posted signs for curve advisory or speed advisory.
  • Wireless connection to V-Sense Director on tablet.  Communication range of 200 feet or more with minimal obstructions.
  • The Vericom V-Sense RG™ includes Vericom's all new Profile Xl1© Professional Analysis Software.
  • Generate a Profile X1 map view with Superelevation, curve radius, and slope of the tested road imposed directly on the satellite image.
  • Analyze and compare test data with easy to use graphs, and tables.
  • Export data directly to MS Excel to create your own customized reports.
  • Simple user friendly calibration check.
  • System also includes a Samsung tablet as the portable test setup interface.
  • Extremely simple (heavy duty) mounting system.