VC4000RG Road Geometry Curve Meter



P/N 630850-RG


  • Profile 5 Software
  • Exclusive firmware for road geometry
  • Built in 10Hz GPS
  • OBDll connection monitor
  • 6 sensor junction box
  • Hard shell carrying case
  • Wall charger
  • Auto charger
  • Heavy duty single vacuum cup mounting system

Product Description

Reduce traffic congestion and improve road safety with this Vericom Road Geometry instrument. The VC4000RG is designed with unique firmware to measure road roughness, road friction, superelevation, radius and more. With the Profile software, analysis of speed vs road geometry provides the tools a road engineer needs to improve safety.


Technical Details

  • Built in 10Hz GPS.
  • Tri axis 2G to 6G accelerometer up to 1000Hz sample rate. Infinite storage time
  • Internal 2 axis angular rate gyro for measuring yaw and automatic pitch adjustment
  • OBDll CAN input
  • Simple calibration check procedures are displayed on the screen with step by step instructions
  • Firmware (the software that runs the Vericom) is a menu select format and all upgrades can be made from the internet using the USB port
  • Up to 16 sensors input
  • Mapping
  • PC communication by: USB, Bluetooth, SD card, 3 RS232 ports, streaming data
  • Heavy duty single vacuum cup mounting system

Accessories/Sensors/Replacement Parts