P/N 620850-RFM


  • RFM4000
  • Profile Software
  • Hard Shell Carrying case
  • Thermal Micro Printer
  • 120V Wall Charger
  • 12V Auto Charger
  • Heavy Duty Single cup Mounting Kit
  • Calibration Certificate

Product Description

Over 30 years of research and customer feedback have gone into the design of the Vericom RFM4000 making it the most innovative decelerometer for measuring runway friction.

  • FAA approved for Airport Winter Safety Operations
  • Includes portable thermal micro printer to print out test results
  • Wireless transmission via optional modem to unattended printer
  • Saves friction report to web sever for instant internet access to reports
  • Rechargeable batteries for portability
  • Vehicle does not need to come to a complete stop to calculate runway friction
  • ABS compatible, however FAA requires that the ABS be disabled during testing
  • Heavy duty single vacuum cup mounting system
  • Tri axis accelerometer calculates corrected friction value if vehicle yaws
  • Apply brakes for only one second to measure Runway Friction (mu)
  • Sample rate 100 Hz.
  • Easily programmable for proper identification of all runways and taxiways
  • Does all calculations for required averaging by 3 tests per zone and 9 tests per runway
  • Automatically sorts runway zone
  • Archives up to 700 runs before uploading.  Stores 65,000 runs
  • PC interface and Profile© 5 Graphic Software
  • LCD display. Displays in Imperial or Metric units
  • 16 key back-lit keypad
  • Easy upload via USB port, SD card
  • Built-in levels included to eliminate pitch and roll error
  • One year parts and labor warranty.


RFM Comparison Table

  Application Professional Professional Limited
# Features RFM4000X RFM4000 VC3000RFM
1 Profile Software X X X
2 USB interface X X X
3 Sample Rate 100HZ X X X
4 Selectable self Leveling X X  
5 In Vehicle Send friction Report to Web Server Auto Semi-Auto  
6 Automatic Report Saving to PDF File X X  
7 Archives up to 700 Reports X X  
8 Data Saved to SD Flash Memory Card X X  
9 Single Vacuum Cup Mounting System X X  
10 Dual Vacuum Cup Mounting System X X X 
11 Dash Mounting System X X  
12 Sensor Inputs 2 Temp   2 Analog
13 Angular Rate Gyro X    
14 Auto Pitch Compensation X    
15 Digital Compass X    
16 SD Card X X  
17 Bluetooth Wireless Data Upload to PC X    
18 10 HZ GPS Mapping X    
19 Analog output X X X
20 Long Range Wireless Transmission Available Printer /Computer Auto to Website
Manual to website Printer Only
21 Firmware Updated from Internet X X  
22 Menu Select Software X X  
23 Streaming Data X X  
24 RS232 port 3 1 1
25 Accelerometer 3 Axis
3 Axis
2 Axis
26 Delete single runs X X  
27 Battery charge display X X  

Accessories/Sensors/Replacement Parts