Stationary Reaction Timer Software


Product Description

Stationary Reaction Time Software was designed for testing individuals Perception and Reaction Time. It uses input from the steering wheel and pedals found on gaming steering wheel packages. The system gives a demonstration of driving a vehicle and reacting to light stimuli on the computer screen. It is designed to be used in an office environment in front of a computer monitor with the steering wheel mounted in front of the client and the pedals setting on the floor in front of the client. Each test is recorded automatically and placed into a file for reporting.

Stationary Reaction Timer software comes with every Stationary Reaction Timer package.

Technical Details

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • 20MB hard drive space
  • 64MB RAM
  • Intel or AMD 166MHz or faster processor
  • CD-ROM drive
  • USB port
  • Prints test data.
  • Stores data.
  • Displays perception/reaction time to stimulus on the computer screen.
  • Displays the time from an on screen stimulus to the drivers foot coming off the accelerator.
  • Displays the time from drivers foot coming off the accelerator to depressing the brake pedal.
  • Displays the time from an on screen stimulus to the drivers foot depressing the brake pedal.
  • Displays the distance traveled during the reaction time.
  • Stores data to the computer disk for future reference.
  • Prints test results to any printer connected to your computer or network.
  • Turn video on or off.
  • Pedals are reversible.
  • Simple reaction time mode with only hard brake option available

$495 (software only)

P/N 117330