Traffic Crash Investigation

Traffic Crash Investigation

We are pleased to offer your department a two day training class on Acceleration, Drag Factor, Friction and detailed use / application of the Vericom instrument for traffic crash investigation. A certificate will be issued to everyone who completes the training. This class is ACTAR approved for 12 CEUs.

Objective:  Ensure each attendee can perform a proper skid test to measure Drag Factor in accordance with SAE Standard J2505 “Measurement of Vehicle-Roadway Friction Drag” revised and published in August, 2010. 

To teach the most modern/accurate method of measuring drag factor and to instruct each student on the multiple applications of accelerometers and Vericom instrumentation for traffic crash investigation.

Vericom has a long history training law enforcement and accident reconstruction experts on the physics of acceleration and hands-on-use of Vericom instruments for successful investigations and court room documentation.  The Vericom team has provided instruction with ACTAR certification for more than 15,000 Police Officers, Inspectors, Engineers and Physicists in the use of Vericom equipment for crash investigation and Vehicle Safety Inspection.

Day 1:

Second Day:

12 Continuing Education Units

The 2-day class for Vericom use and application is ACTAR approved for 12 CEUs.  To receive ACTAR credits send a copy of your certificate and $5.00 to ACTAR Administrator, PO Box 1493, North Platte, NE 69103-1493.

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